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Ideal Protein | Weight Loss : Testimonials

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Julia - Collage

“I am so thankful for Ideal Protein; it has changed my life. I saw significant results right away, and with the encouragement and support from my coaches that kept me motivated to continue. Thank you Ideal Protein; I feel fantastic! “

Allyssa - Collage

“Ideal Protein has not only aided me in losing weight, it has helped me find myself on the inside as well. Without starting this program, I wouldn’t know my strengths physically and mentally. This program has helped me and many of my family members. It can benefit you as well!!”

Eric Collage

“Ideal Protein has helped me find a new light in life. I look forward to the results each week. I feel great and I only wish I did it sooner!”

Jessica Collage

“Ideal Protein has literally changed my life!! I feel better and healthier every day! 

  marialeis3 marialeis2

“I am so happy about my decision to use Ideal Protein. It has changed my life. Not only have I been losing weight and inches. But I feel so energetic too. I also love the support that you receive with this program. I love that I know how to eat healthy foods. I have tried new vegetables and love the new way I have learned to cook. My family also is eating healthy. Best decision I have ever made to change my life to a healthy me! And this program will do that!”
LeonaZielsdorf LeonaZielsdorf2

“I tried many diet programs, but Ideal Protein has worked the best for me. My weight came off quickly and I had a great coach who was a tremendous amount of help. The programs food is really good; I especially enjoyed having a pancake for breakfast.”


WendyGoulet WendyGoulet2

“A year ago, my doctor told me I’d have to go on medication for diabetes and cholesterol if I didn’t get my glucose and cholesterol numbers under control. I started Ideal Protein this past summer and being on the program for only three months, not only did I lose 29 lbs and 30 in., my glucose went down from 113 mg/dL to 91 mg/dL and my cholesterol dropped from 318 mg/dL to 176 mg/dL. I am now in normal range.”


“I first noticed the Ideal Protein program in the local paper. I read the ads & the articles. My wife happened to run into Brooke one day in town & almost didn’t recognize her. She had lost 90 lbs on that program. I wanted to lose weight too. After Brooke had explained it to my wife, she told me. We went to the meeting at the “Chiropractic Place” in Sparta. I knew that program was for me. I started 05-02-16 and still on it. I had presented this to my doctor and he backed it 100%. My blood pressure & labs have improved. I am an amputee and therefore it was very hard for me to exercise. This program is perfect for me. As of 10-31-16, I have lost 90 lbs. My goal is to lose 100 lb. I intend on going even further. I come in every week to see my coach Jamie to be weighed. She has been such a tremendous help with this process. It’s so easy and I feel great. I highly recommend this!”