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Onalaska Weight Loss Help

Ideal Protein

Eat better and feel good

Because our chiropractors believe in care that goes beyond adjustments, we’re happy to provide our patients with weight loss management plans unique to their specific goals and needs. The Chiropractic Place Family Wellness Centers team is here to help you on your journey, and we can’t wait to help you achieve your best self.

Ideal Protein

At Chiropractic Place Family Wellness Centers, we focus on a weight loss system called “Ideal Protein” which is a doctor derived weight loss protocol that targets body fat for energy while supporting muscle. This means you don’t just lose weight, but help your muscles regain proper tone and support.

Ideal Protein has over 3,500 weight loss centers in North America and is the only company in the weight loss industry that provides continuing education, development workshops and private and public lectures on weight loss, nutrition and the application of our products. This is a complete method and not just a simple product!

Your weight loss journey begins with our team of Onalaska chiropractors who can help devise the correct plan for you.

Learn How We Can Help You

If you’ve been thinking about what you can do to get your weight under control or simply live and eat healthier, we’d love to speak with you about your options.

Contact our practice today to schedule your no obligation consultation with our team of doctors.
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