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Ideal Protein | Weight Loss : Testimonials

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“I am so happy about my decision to use Ideal Protein. It has changed my life. Not only have I been losing weight and inches. But I feel so energetic too. I also love the support that you receive with this program. I love that I know how to eat healthy foods. I have tried new vegetables and love the new way I have learned to cook. My family also is eating healthy. Best decision I have ever made to change my life to a healthy me! And this program will do that!”

marialeis3 marialeis2

“I tried many diet programs, but Ideal Protein has worked the best for me. My weight came off quickly and I had a great coach who was a tremendous amount of help. The programs food is really good; I especially enjoyed having a pancake for breakfast.”

LeonaZielsdorf LeonaZielsdorf2

“A year ago, my doctor told me I’d have to go on medication for diabetes and cholesterol if I didn’t get my glucose and cholesterol numbers under control. I started Ideal Protein this past summer and being on the program for only three months, not only did I lose 29 lbs and 30 in., my glucose went down from 113 mg/dL to 91 mg/dL and my cholesterol dropped from 318 mg/dL to 176 mg/dL. I am now in normal range.”

WendyGoulet WendyGoulet2

“I first noticed the Ideal Protein program in the local paper. I read the ads & the articles. My wife happened to run into Brooke one day in town & almost didn’t recognize her. She had lost 90 lbs on that program. I wanted to lose weight too. After Brooke had explained it to my wife, she told me. We went to the meeting at the “Chiropractic Place” in Sparta. I knew that program was for me. I started 05-02-16 and still on it. I had presented this to my doctor and he backed it 100%. My blood pressure & labs have improved. I am an amputee and therefore it was very hard for me to exercise. This program is perfect for me. As of 10-31-16, I have lost 90 lbs. My goal is to lose 100 lb. I intend on going even further. I come in every week to see my coach Jamie to be weighed. She has been such a tremendous help with this process. It’s so easy and I feel great. I highly recommend this!”harland